My name is Umer Aslam and that’s why I bought umeraslam.com. I have years of hands on experience when it comes to online marketing, SEO, paid traffic like PPV and especially Black Hat tactics…

I am the type of guy who is always looking for ways to exploit, to find loopholes and profit from them. Back in the day, I was successfully gaming the YouTube analytics system – Day in, day out I was pumping millions and millions of fake views on my own & clients YouTube Videos. Then I decided to move on and my next target was Yahoo Answers. Within few days of analyzing this platform, I hired a coder to develop me a custom made bot for it. The next few years were spent in automated spamming with thousands of yahoo answers account.

My next step was exploiting a revenue sharing website – Within few hours, I saw a handful of flaws in their system and you can guess what I did… I started exploiting it for a good period of time. Very soon, I also got tired of this method and decided to move on. Then I started spamming a couple of niche targeted but high traffic forums and earned those green monies.

Fast forward today, I am currently exploiting the Google organic traffic and launching massive scale campaigns with PPV traffic [pop up]. With such a vast experience, you can expect a wide range of topics and ideas –┬áIn short, this is my story of how I am hustling my way to internet riches.


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