Cracking the YouTube Views Counting Algorithm

You can say, I am the El Chapo Guzmán when it comes to beating the YouTube views counting algorithm. Everyday, they come up with new updates to stop me but I always stay ahead of the game – Watching over them and laughing at their pathetic moves of trying to stop me.. This pretty much sums up how good I am really in this game.

youtube views script tutorial

There is a lot of information present on internet no matter whatever you search for. However when it comes to making script for youtube views, there is little to none information. Even still if you manage to find something, it will be outdated [shared ages ago]. So today, i decided to shed some light on the basics of how it is done – I am not going to reveal all the steps one by one.. What I will do is share some of the basics so the people trying to find a way around can get some idea how it is done. If you are here to be spoon-feeded then this is not for you.

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