For Sale on Flippa For Sale on Flippa

Within few days of the launch, website went viral and received a lot of media attention. The website is based on a very simple idea i.e. You can send your enemies a letter full of glitter along with a small note reminding them how bad they real are. Simple as that…

The owner of the website Mathew Carpenter [name on flippa] is probably a smart guy to be honest. Projects like this are short lived and they can die in a heart beat. He was smart and that’s why he instantly listed the website for sale on flippa auctions here. Some of the guys might argue that he should have kept the site and continue earning profits from that… In reality, the life span of such viral sites is very short – At the time of witting this, hundreds of clones are already made for this site and the amount will continue to rise [copy cats]…

Good luck to the guy who will made wining bid. In my own personal opinion, the only guy who is going to profit from this sale is the owner himself. Thew new guy might not even earn his original investment back as you never know what will happen with viral sites like this.

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